总统已指定主管行政和财务的副总裁, 监督校园应急计划, 预防, 准备, 响应, 安全和保障.


的 establishment of clear lines of authority for overseeing and managing emergency incidents and responding to emergencies, based on principles of Incident Command Systems (ICS) and National Incident Management Systems (NIMS), 是BSU事件指挥官的职责:

  • 詹姆斯·布克上尉,临时警察局长/公共安全总监
  • 中尉. 拉什尔·鲍威尔,巡逻行动指挥官
  • 中尉. 丽莎·贝尔,调查指挥官
  • 转变中士
  • 伊斯兰会议组织
  • 或第一个回应的宣誓大学警察


BSU应急准备委员会 每季度举行一次会议,监察和更新环境保护计划,以确保联络资料准确无误, ICS, 建筑及校园平面图, 以及应对新型威胁.

当地的 & 状态反应者


与适当的地方和州紧急救援人员协调, including communication systems to be used in the case of a serious incident or major disaster have been established with the following:

  • 马里兰州警察局
  • 乔治王子县警察局
  • 鲍伊市警察局
  • 老鲍伊志愿消防队19号

An 紧急行动中心 for use in 响应 to specified emergencies has been established in Charlotte Robinson Hall (location of the 警察 Dispatch Operation). Use of satellite phones and emergency network radios will be used to support Emergency Operations Centers (EOC). [All sworn police personnel use Vertex Standard handheld radios which support communication with the Prince George's County 911 system.]


Our multi-disciplinary 行为评估小组 reviews reports and takes appropriate action on potentially distressed or disturbed members of the campus community, 包括学生, 工作人员, 和老师. 的 team receives up-to-date training from the Counseling Office and other entities as needed. 的 training for the team as well as the 教师 and 工作人员 occurs during the semiannual Faculty Development Institute at the start of the fall and spring semester and annually at the Staff Development Institute in the fall.

风险评估 & 规划

  1. An 年度风险评估 审查了一系列全面的威胁, 包括自然灾害, 有害物质, 恐怖主义, 暴力犯罪, 以及流行性疾病, and identifies the top hazards faced by the campus and those that could result in a significant loss of life is conducted under the direction of the chief of 博悦注册 police. 警察局长接受过应对大多数公共安全威胁的训练. 根据要求和需要,将引入外部顾问.
  2. 的 University is currently undergoing a review of its entire operation as required by the standards established by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Agencies. 警察助理局长目前正在领导搜救工作 IACLEA认证. 自我审查程序开始于2008/2009财年. 该过程的认证预计将于2013年9月完成.
  3. 制定针对主要危险的适当缓解行动计划, 包括短期和长期事件计划, 疏散计划和避难所就位, 大学已收到书面建议,提供全面的威胁评估 与USM的校园应急计划政策一致, 准备和应对. This project is ongoing as a result of the associated cost and the required bidding process.
  4. 在2008年春天, 博悦注册 was the first University in Prince George's County to receive training and certification as a 社区应急响应小组.的 training was provided by the Prince George's County Office of 首页land Defense as a vehicle to better prepare the campus community and local community in case of a major crisis. CERT成员包括学生、职员和教员. 他们每年接受国土国防部的培训.


常规的 Table Tops Sessions have occurred and are ongoing for various segments of the campus community:

  • 总统内阁(3届)
  • 环保事务委员会及大流行性流感委员会(五届)
  • 学生会(一届)
  • 学生事务领导小组(一届)

北卡罗来纳大学 恢复平静行动. “恢复平静行动”是面向教师的桌面运动方案设计, 工作人员, students and top administrators to potential high-risk incidents in which they will need to interact with various components in crisis management situations. 

常规的 对校园社区进行应急响应计划培训 have been provided for key emergency 响应 工作人员 and other members of the campus community, 包括工作人员, 教师, 和学生. Information sessions have occurred and will continue to be convened at the Faculty Development Institute each semester, 员工发展学院, 在应急建筑协调员的常规培训期间, 为环保事务委员会提供资料, 以及SGA官员, 宿舍职员和宿舍助理.


的 BSU communication plan will advise the campus community of the emergency warning systems through the following mediums:


BSU建立了以下与校园沟通的计划, 周边社区, USM办事处, 董事会, 家庭, 紧急情况下的媒体.

通讯将通过网络来维持, 电子邮件, 电话, and the BSU and external media depending upon the continued availability of each of these options. Coordination of this area of 响应 will be handled by the director for university relations and marketing who may identify a key spokesperson for the media interviews. A representative from the Office of the President will contact the Office of the Chancellor and inform the chairperson of the board of regents as conditions dictate. 介绍了具体的通讯计划.

  • Web - An emergency 准备 site will be developed and linked to the University's top level page. 它将被用来广播一般性质的信息, 包括一般校园状态信息, 以及具体的紧急情况意识信息. 根据需要,大学网页将包括其他有用信息的链接. 更新可以根据情况在校内或校外进行.
  • 媒体- - - - - - Critical messages will be disseminated by media relations 工作人员 via newspaper advertising, 商业和公共电台广播信息. 大学也可以使用BSUTV和1640 AM, 交通电台, 为了接触到来到校园或在附近的人.
  • 电话-University landline 电话s will be supported with essential 工作人员 and will include all current 电话 lines. 的se 电话s can be used to disseminate critical information to the campus via recorded voice mail messages. Cell phones may also be used for direct communication with critical employees as needed, depending upon continued service through the Bowie Emergency Electronic System (BEES campus network).
  • 电子邮件- Existing mechanisms are in place for authorizing and sending mass 电子邮件 to the campus community. 随着形势的发展, 电子邮件 services for general use will be supported with essential 工作人员 and will include all 教师, 工作人员, 和学生帐户以及列表服务.


BSU设立了以下媒体来提供建议, involve and solicit feedback from students on issues of campus safety and security and emergency 准备:

  • 定期与SGA/GSA官员会面
  • 每学期在宿舍开会
  • Announcements and instructions at student body meetings which includes commuters students
  • 学生服务于BSU校园警察部门咨询委员会


博悦注册 has established written MOUs and partnered with the following public safety agencies partners in our EPP.

  • 马里兰州警察局 (副本在警察总部存档)
  • 马里兰州交通管理局警察局 (副本在警察总部存档)
  • 乔治王子县警察局 (有待修订及法律审查)
  • 鲍威市警署(谅解备忘录正在考虑中)
  • 乔治王子县志愿消防队#19 (Prince George's County Fire Department do not require a written MOU to provide fire services to 博悦注册)


持续运作计划(COOP) for the continuation of essential functions in the case of an incident with a long-range impact on the campus, including business operations and academic and research programs are being updated and refined. COOP作为EPP的补充.